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The ski center begins at 2040 m. Shelter's central building: 2040 m. Highest peak: 2524 m. Highest lift: 2480 m. Ski Center altitude difference: 2030 m.-2480 m. Greatest lift altitude difference: 290 m. Greatest slope altitude difference: 440 m. Voras Mountain is located at the frontiers with F.Y.R.O.M. and its crest-ridge is the limit line of the two countries. It is the third highest mountain in Greece after Olympos (2917 m.) and Smolikas (2637 m.), with an altitude of 2524 m., on the peak of which stands Kaimaktsalan Ski Center. The view from the mountain is amazing, since one can see with the naked eye as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Olympos Mountain and, of course, the 3-5 Pigadia Ski Center in Naoussa, which is across from the peak.

Denomination Origin

The word "Kaimaktsalan" has Turkish origins and means in literal translation the cream-crust thief. The reason why this denomination was given is not certain (there are a lot of explanations).


* 1 two-seat aerial lift (Sarantovrissi 1), with a capacity of 1200 persons/hour
* 2 sliding one-seat lifts Sarantovrissi 2 and Meterizi, with a capacity of 900 and 500 persons per hour respectively)
* 1 sliding two-seat lift (Kremassi, with a capacity of 951 persons/hour)
* 2 beginner's lifts or baby-lifts. Both of them are exactly in front of the central chalet. The first one serves the needs of those who would like to learn skiing by themselves, as well as children who have just started skiing. The second one serves the needs of ski and snowboard schools.